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Packachoag Church
Auburn, Massachusetts

Opus 69, 1997


Op. 69’s case set up in the erecting room. The material hanging on the walls in the background is wooden tracker stock, which is hung there after being cut so that any prone to warp or twist can be discovered and discarded.

Elaborate woodworking: true round towers and many mitered mouldings.

Miters and more miters. The wood is cherry.

Art Middleton making trackers.

Todd Kauk assembling slider windchests.

• • •

Installation in Auburn, Massachusetts

Some of the unloaded organ parts: console on the left, tower tops in the center.

The reservoir is brought into the lower case.

The impost is made in three large pieces. Here the right, or C#-side, section is set on the lower casework.

The left, or C-side, Great windchest is lifted into place.

Upper case sides, façade posts, Swell chest and box are installed, along with one of the central tower tops.

Hilary Clinton (or a cardboard facsimile thereof…) gazes admiringly upon the organ.

Ready for façade pipes.

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All installation photos provided by Wm. F. Czelusniak, whose firm assisted with the installation and continues to maintain the instrument.


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