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Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
Rock Creek Parish

Washington, D.C.

Opus 80, 2004

Construction Photos

The lower case as it is set up in the erecting room. The case is made of American black walnut. The console chassis (which incorporates the keyboards and coupler mechanisms) has been set within the case, but is not yet fitted in its final location.

These pediments crown the flats on the sides of the case. They are sitting on the organ’s reservoir.

Gluing parts of the upper mouldings, which are located over the round façade towers. Thin layers of walnut are glued together over a form to produce a round element of the proper radius.

Bob and Randy install the façade posts.

The Swell windchest is prepared for hoisting into the organ.

The Swell windchest has been hoisted into place.

Some of the side panels, the swell box, and the fretwork above the console have been installed. Pedal Bourdon 16' pipes are laid out in front.

The organ’s crown is built as one piece. Here it is upside down while the mouldings are fitted.

The upper casework and pediment are installed, and façade pipes have been racked.

The pipeshades have been fitted. Although they have been pierced, the actual carving has not been done yet. The façade pipes are covered in a yellow plastic masking for protection against fingerprints and scratches.

The console, or keydesk. The stopjambs, in which the drawknobs will be placed, are veneered with Carpathian elm burl.

Construction is nearly complete.

The finished pipeshades are installed.

• • •

The organ is set up in Rock Creek Church.

Some façade pipes are installed.

A view of the case at the start of the tonal finishing.

The completed organ.

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