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St. David’s Church, Radnor
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Opus 84

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Installation Photos

The first of the two trucks bearing organ parts from Lake City was unloaded at St. David's Church in Wayne on Sunday, 4 March.

This first truck was loaded in a blizzard. Fortunately, the weather in Wayne is more agreeable.

Four hundred church members volunteered to help unload.

After a special church service welcoming the new organ, everyone got down to work.

This is the organ blower, which will be installed in a special dedicated room in the church basement. Fortunately, it fit in the church elevator.

This project attracted not only hundreds of volunteers from St. David’s, but also our good friend Bob McKim of Dover, Delaware, here shown on the left guiding two reservoirs into the church.

The reward for all that hard work.

The organ “pit”. A temporary floor that had been installed over it was removed shortly before the organ’s arrival. On the left you can see the “tunnel” where the trackers will run to the detached console.

The major parts of the organ case were immediately laid out in the church, while those parts that will be installed later are stored temporarily in adjacent rooms.

Kent Brown guides a tower top as it’s hoisted.

Randy Karstens and Lynn Dobson gild the mouths of the façade pipes.

So that it’s not in the way of the scaffolding, the detached console is installed after the case is set up. The walnut console case has terraces veneered with flame mahogany.

While an electric chain hoist is used to lift pieces of the casework, the façade pipes are raised the old-fashioned way. The pipes are covered with a thin plastic film to protect them from fingerprints and abrasion.

The appearance of the organ on 13 March.

The lowest pipes of the Bourdon 32' stand behind the case.

Art Middleton installing trackers.

Every part of the case is cleaned after it has been set up.

The carved pipe shades. Traditionally, wooden items that will be gilded are painted a burnt orange color. The gold leaf is so thin that the orange color affects the color of the gold, making it appear deeper and more lustrous.

Lynn applies the gold leaf.

A view at dusk of the organ case after the carvings have been installed.

The screen in front of the Choir division incorporates a likeness of Saint David’s cross.


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