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Highland Park United Methodist Church
Dallas, Texas

Opus 87, 2009

Setup of Gallery Organ in Shop

The Gallery cases are the first to be set up in the erecting room. Because the cases stand on steel beams cantilevered from the back wall of the church, there is no structurally supportive casework below the impost. So what you see here is the impost for the right, or C# side, Gallery case sitting on the erecting room floor. When installed in the church, the underside of this woodwork will be above the heads of parishioners sitting in the balcony.

The Gallery cases are being set up next to each other.

The casework goes up around the windchest.

The cornice moulding is put in place on the left, or CC side, case.

Cornice moulding detail.

The Bourdon pipes are racked on the side of the CC case.

This special wooden block has felted holes to receive the pipes of the Herald Trumpet, which are mounted horizontally.

The horizontal pipes are supported by a steel rack that has multiple hooks for each pipe.

A small panel between the large round tower and the Herald Trumpet block.

One of the tower tops being lowered into place.

Tower tops and most façade pipes in place.

Lyndon installs the cresting on the C# case.

The C# gallery case with some façade pipes and pipe shades.

Randy is assembling the cresting for the tower tops.

On Tuesday, 14 October, members of HPUMC flew to Lake City to check on the progress. Bradley Welch, deplaning, is joining David Davidson and his grandson Cameron.

Christ Brunt and Joe Penland from HPUMC speak with Donny Hobbs and Abe Batten over lunch.

After the gallery cases are dismantled, the wood is stained and lacquered. Here, Pat is wiping stain on with a sponge, then wiping the excess off with a cloth.

Bob and Dean move case frames in the spray booth, where parts are lacquered.

All wooden parts receive a coat of lacquer sealer, which is lightly sanded, and then a coat of lacquer finish. These are the caps for the Bourdon 16', which have just been sanded and are waiting for their coat of finish.

The underside of the façade towers have small pendants, which look like overgrown acorns. This one is shown stuck onto a dowel so it can be lacquered.

Finished woodwork is stacked in the erecting room, ready to be packed.

A tableau of organ parts, awaiting loading on the truck.

Jim and Bill wrap façade pipes.

Loading façade pipes into a crate.

32' CCCC of the Contra Diapason 32', with shop foreman Dean Heim for scale.

Parts (smaller ones boxed, larger ones loose) are loaded onto the truck.

This truck contains just the gallery organ, the largest pipes of the Contra Diapason 32', and tools. It’s getting pretty full.

A rear-end view of 53' of organ, pipes and tools, ready to be sent to Texas.


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