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Independent Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Opus 90, 2012

Setup Photos - West (Left) Chamber

The start of setting up the left side of the organ.

The lower Choir windchest is in the foreground, with the swell shade fronts for the Solo behind. The large steel channels in front will support the tin façade pipes and woodwork.

The Choir shutter front.

A view inside the lower Choir, looking toward the Solo, which is under double expression.

A view on the other side of the Solo shades, showing the basses of the tin Solo Viole d’Orchestre and French Horn, which was a memorial to Joseph W. Schreiber that has been retained from the previous organ and revoiced.

The upper Choir with the Solo behind. The Trombone 16' and Tuba Mirabilis 8', voiced on 15" wind pressure, are at this level.

Setup Photos - East (Right) Chamber

The Swell is on two levels, and stands perpendicular to the chamber opening, which would be immediately behind Kent in this photo.

The Swell can be seen in the background on the left, with the Great standing on two levels in the chamber opening.

Setup Photos - Façades

Kent and Dean begin to set up the woodwork for the left façade.

• • •

A note about some of these photographs: Our erecting room has both mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent bulbs, and there’s often sunlight streaming in—a photographer’s nightmare! For cameras set to daylight color balance, mercury lamps give a greenish cast while fluorescent ones are pinkish. This makes color balancing of these photos almost impossible, since correcting for one exacerbates the color error of the other. Just know that the wood really isn't green, pink or some other unnatural hue!

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