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Merton College Chapel
The University of Oxford

Oxford, England

Opus 91, 2013

Setup Photos 


The lower structure of the organ is set up.

Because of stone memorials in the Merton Chapel floor, the entire weight of the organ is carried on steel beams that rest on piers placed around the memorials.

The back of the lower case.

Inside the CC (left) side of the lower case. The CC Pedal rollerboard can be seen at the rear; the CC Great windchest is in the upper center, with reservoirs below.

Inside the C# (right) side of the lower case. The blower box is located under the C# Pedal windchest and rollerboard.

Carved details are applied.

The console platform is being set up.

The finished platform. There will be wrought iron railings as well.

Some carved and turned details.

The best light in our erecting room, from a photographer’s viewpoint, is when the artificial lights are out and sunlight floods in through a south door.

After the lower part of the case had been set up and disassembled, the upper case was set up. Here, a 28' façade post is righted before being put into place.

Some of the pipeshades are installed.

Randy, Kent and Pat install the prow-shaped top of the center tower.

The center tower top is curved in three dimensions.

Dobson technical designers Jon Thieszen and Abe Batten with the organ.


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