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The Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ
Verizon Hall
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Opus 76

The Consoles

From the standpoint of its playing mechanism, the Verizon Hall organ is two organs. The Kimmel Center’s requirement that a stage console also be provided means that both mechanical and electric key actions are needed. The main console plays the organ through a mechanical action, while the movable stage console operates the organ electrically.

• • •

The Main Console

Cabinetmaker Lyndon Evans fits the cherry and maple "zebra stripes" to the woodwork that surrounds the main console.

The completed woodwork is set up.

Stopjambs and curved panels are fitted to the console. The rosewood swell and crescendo pedals are not mounted in a straight line, but follow the radius of the pedalboard and knee panel.

A closer view of the veneered stop jambs and music rack.

The completed console was installed in the Hall during the summer of 2004.

Entrance to the console area is through the organ on either side of the console.

• • •

The Stage Console

Randy is building the movable stage console.

Like Verizon Hall itself, the basic shape of the movable console echoes the profile of a ’cello.

The upper terraces of the console will be veneered with Carpathian elm burl. The console has no straight lines—even the music rack has a slight radius.

Veneer is applied to the terraces.

The veneering of the upper part of the console is complete.

Each stop jamb terrace hinges to provide access to the drawknob mechanisms.

A view of the console with its adjustable bench, now under construction.

The bench has a steel structure underneath the curved veneered panels. The hole in the end is for the adjusting handwheel.

The console has been stained and lacquered.

As seen in an earlier photo, the stop terraces hinge up for access to the drawknob units. Here those units have been mounted.

The electrical components for the combination action are being installed. The wiring panels slide out for ease of future maintenance.

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