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Opus 89, 2010

Installation Photos


Sykes Chapel—the Dobson crew surveys the scene before unloading the first semi-trailer.

The first of three trailers.

The first major item off of the trailer is the console.

Organ parts everywhere.

Stuff, and more stuff.

Open Diapason 16' pipes.

Two of the bellows.

The first parts to be installed are the blower and static reservoir, which are located at the rear of an elevated area behind the case. The largest Pedal pipes also stand back there.

The blower is 4 horsepower, was made in Germany, and stands on a spring-loaded platform so it doesn’t transmit any vibration to the building. It will be surrounded by a heavy box of medium density fiberboard (MDF) that is lined with fiberglass board for sound absorption.

Bringing the console into the building.

Hoisting Bourdon 32' pipes on the CC side.

Installing the Bourdon 32' on the C# side.

Re-enacting Iwo Jima with a 32' Bourdon pipe.

Designer Jon Thieszen stands next to the 32' Bourdon pipes.

Towers of scaffolding allow parts of the case to be hoisted into position.

These two frames support the trackers for the Great division. For the most direct connection, they run at an angle from the console.

Because the console is detached, the trackers must run under the floor.

The Great tracker runs installed. Here you can clearly see the angle.

The wooden frames or ‘runs’ guide the trackers, which are made of carbon fiber rods.

The end of five days’ work.

Contents of the second semi-trailer are unloaded.

Kent works inside the Choir division, whose swell shade frame is leaning against the case on the right.

The underside of the Choir windchest, with its reservoir below.

The racks for the slider motor controls, located in the front right (C# corner) of the lower case.

The scaffolding has a bridge over the console.

Choir rollerboard...

...being installed.

Somewhere there’s an organ under there...façade pipes being installed.

The top-most pieces of the case are installed. The peaks are 50' above the floor.

Walkways have been installed to tune the Bourdon 32', Open Diapason 16' and Contra Trombone 32'. The blower and static reservoir can be seen at the lower left.

Just before the scaffolding comes down (from left): Bob Savage, Donny Hobbs, Kent Brown, Jon Thieszen, Bill Ayers, Dean Zenor, Richard Frary (on loan from Czelusniak et Dugal), Dean Heim.

Donny in the Great division.

Pipes of the Swell.

Some pipes of the Choir.

Kent and Donny install painted and gilded accent strips.

A view from the top of the organ case.

The crew at the end of week four (from left): Jon Thieszen, Bill Ayers, Kent Brown, Dean Heim, Dean Zenor, Bob Savage, Donny Hobbs.


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